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This Friday the 13th, slip on a red jumpsuit and tether yourself to the weirdest blockbuster of 2019. Lupita Nyong'o returns to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk where she once mysteriously went missing, and confronts sinister duplicates of her family. Is getting these leering lookalikes out of her childhood home as scary or funny as Get Out? And why did writer-director Jordan Peele link this slasher scenario to the failed 1986 humanitarian effort Hands Across America? The Now Playing hosts have five on it, so don’t panic. Join Us in our Spring donation drive to Find Out!

Dragged Across Concrete - Patron Exclusive Review

Mel Gibson has been Dragged Across Concrete for more than a decade over drunken, hateful comments caught on tape. Can he make a comeback in the buddy cop genre that made him a superstar?  Indie filmmaker S. Craig Zahler (Bone Tomahawk) pulls Lt. Riggs out of retirement, and asks him to meditate on police ethics in the age of viral outrage while on stakeout with new partner Vince Vaughn. One listener called it his favorite film of 2019 and assigned Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie to the case.  Find out if they agree when you Enlist as a March Now Playing Patron.

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Closer - Patron Exclusive Podcast

Get to know Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob in revealing new ways this February when you listen to their decidedly un-romantic Valentine’s Day review of 2004 drama Closer. Will London writer Jude Law find the words to break up with American stripper Natalie Portman after falling for married photographer Julia Roberts?  And will doctor Clive Owen send the stringy trickster to the ER for catfishing him in a chatroom? Find out who gets screwed, and who gets screwed over, when you sign the contract to become a Now Playing Patron!

Amadeus - Patron Exclusive Podcast

Hear the voice of God… or at least podcasters Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob… when you receive an exclusive show devoted to Amadeus.  Was Mozart (Tom Hulce) murdered by jealous court composer Salieri (F Murray Abraham) in an elaborate plot to steal away his final musical composition?  And didn’t the cackling brat kind of deserve it for being such an irresponsible husband and disappointing celebrity in person? Find out why this 1780 costume drama became one of the biggest hits of the 1980s when you become a Now Playing Patron this January.


Now Playing has one last podcast for 2019, dedicated to all those dirty birdies who love the oogy mind of Stephen King. Writer Paul Sheldon (James Caan) finds himself in Misery after he’s pulled from a car crash in snowy Colorado, and tortured by a demented fan who demands a new chapter for the romance novel heroine he retired. Did Kathy Bates deserve the Oscar for her tough love bedside manner?  And how many pages from the book did director Rob Reiner have to eat in order to bring this very literate story to the screen? Listen and find out!

Flash Gordon - Patron Exclusive Podcast

Before Now Playing rockets back to that fabled galaxy far, far away, Brock, Arnie and Stuart weather the space opera George Lucas once sought to make instead of Star Wars. Comic strip hero Flash Gordon didn’t break any box office records when it crashed into movie theaters back in 1980, but has since won a substantial cult following thanks to colorful visuals, a rockin’ Queen score, and a pervasive sleazy vibe that starts with Playgirl centerfold/star Sam Jones! Find out if it’s the disaster Ming The Merciless hoped it to be by becoming a December Patron.   

Ratchet & Clank

Playstation heroes Ratchet and Clank starred in 12 video game adventures together before making the quantum leap to movie theaters for a fast-paced (and okay, financially unsuccessful) 2016 animated feature. Did Earthlings miss a memorable screen pairing?  And can this one-of-a-kind alien mechanic and his defective warbot bestie stop villains voiced by Paul Giamatti and Sylvester Stallone from reconfiguring the most beautiful planets in the solar system? No quarters needed to play the latest Now Playing Arcade installment.  Listen Now!

Taxi Driver - Patron Exclusive Podcast

Join Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie in the cab this October as they take Patrons through Taxi Driver - one of Martin Scorsese’s most acclaimed films!  Is there a better way to beat insomnia than spending time with unhinged Travis Bickle (Robert DeNiro) as he plots to wash away politicians and pimps alike from the dirty streets of 1970s Times Square?  And will angel Cybill Shepherd, or a preteeen Jodie Foster in her first Oscar-nominated role, be the lucky girl in the backseat when all the shooting is over? Become a Patron and find out!

Miami Vice - Patron Exclusive Podcast

Over 30 years after debuting on NBC television, Miami Vice is reinvented by co-creator Michael Mann as a splashy 2006 summer movie starring Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and mustachioed Colin Farrell. The fashions may have changed, but can Crockett and Tubbs preserve the series’ distinctive sense of cool as they go undercover and infiltrate a smuggling ring that takes them far beyond city limits to Haiti, Cuba, and Columbia? Join your pals Jakob, Arnie, and Stuart in the go-fast boat when you become a Now Playing Patron!


Only witches can make a "weeping book", but Hollywood often wrings tears from Stephen King readers with their many poor adaptations. Will Blumhouse - the studio behind Paranormal Activity and Get Out - show Mercy in their telling of Skeleton Crew short story “Gramma”? Chandler Riggs (Walking Dead) stars as a mama’s boy out to determine if his nana (Shirley Knight) is a dying woman with dementia, or a black magic practitioner trying to possess his soul. Find out if this flick makes the podcasters want to put axes in their heads when you Listen Now! 

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