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Seven Year's's again Halloween; it's again Now Playing reviewing Saw! The "torture porn" genre had fallen out of vogue, and Saw's grosses fell to match. Now, not quite a decade later, is the world ready for more traps and (plot) twists? Does the Saw cut as deep in its eighth iteration? Strap on your bucket and join Arnie, Jakob, and Marjorie to find out!

Saw 3-D

After Paranormal Activity upset Saw as the Horror King of Halloween last year, the makers of the Saw film franchise decided that the seventh installment of Saw would be the last, and to provide a new novelty they also jumped on the 3-D bandwagon. Arnie, Marjorie, and Jakob have reunited to finish their trial of reviewing the Saw films by giving more thought to Saw 3-D than the screenwriters did. Is this last piece in the Jigsaw puzzle satisfying? Listen to find out!

Saw VI {Saw Movie Series}

Jigsaw's work is almost complete, but from beyond the grave he must attack some of the nation's biggest problems: predatory mortgage lenders and insurance adjusters. Republicans and Democrats agree that Jigsaw's "public option" is a little too extreme, but do viewers? Listen to find out! And after deconstructing Saw VI we reflect on the Saw series as a whole.

Saw V {Saw Movie Series}

There is a new Jigsaw, and worse he's being hailed as a hero by the police of Generic City. But FBI Agent Strahm is hot on his trail. Will Strahm succeed where Danny Glover failed? Meanwhile, the team building experience from hell for a group of people involved in urban development. Listen to find out what it all means on the latest episode of our Saw movie retrospective series!

Saw IV {Saw Movie Series}

At the end of Saw 3 Jigsaw was killed, so why is Donnie Whalburg the New Kid on the Ice Block with a noose around his neck, and will Officer Rigg learn Jigsaw's lesson in time to save him? More importantly, is it worth the viewer's time to see a Saw film without John Kramer as the killer? Listen to find out!

Saw III {Saw Movie Series}

"Jigsaw" John Kramer is dying of a brain tumor, and it's up to Dr. Lynn Denlon to keep him alive while they watch Jigsaw's latest victim Jeff go through a series of tests. Why would Lynn help Jigsaw? Well if Jigsaw's heart stops the bomb strapped to Lynn's head will explode. It's the most intricate Saw movie yet, and we review it on Now Playing!

Saw II {Saw Movie Series}

With the surprise success of the original Saw, a sequel was inevitable. However who would have guessed it would come out only one year later, or that they would continue being released one-per-year for so long? In this episode, the hosts of Now Playing learn more about "Jigsaw" John Kramer and the vengeance he exacts upon a New Kid on the Block.

Saw {Saw Movie Series}

When Saw came out in 2004 no one expected it to rapidly become the premiere horror franchise of the 21st century, but since then Saw has laid claim to the Halloween holiday, with each year seeing the release of a new installment in this horror series. It all started with Carey Elwes and Leigh Wannell waking up in a dirty bathroom, chained at the leg, and one is told to kill the other. With Danny Glover, Monica Potter, Michael Emerson, and Shawnee Smith rounding out the cast, does this movie deserve to be the modern day epitome of the horror film? Listen to Now Playing to find out!

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