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The Abyss - Donation Bonus

Stuart, Jakob, and Arnie are diving deep into The Abyss - the final film in Now Playing’s Gold Level Summer of 1989 Series!  A decade before re-staging the sinking of Titanic, director James Cameron sent the crew of a submersible oil rig into a bottomless ocean pit to salvage a foundered nuclear submarine. Will paranoid Navy Seal Michael Biehn start World War III when a race of aquatic aliens start sticking their water tentacles into his mission? And how well can Ed Harris scream at his bitchy wife when he’s gulping down liquid oxygen? Donate and find out! 

sex, lies, and videotape - Donation Bonus

Things get kinky at Now Playing as Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob sneak off to watch the movie their parents wouldn’t let them see in the Summer of 1989 - sex, lies, and videotape! James Spader stars as an unassuming but seductive drifter, who inserts his camera into the unhappy marriage of college friend Peter Gallagher and his frigid wife Andie MacDowell.  Is writer/director Steven Soderbergh all talk in his cinematic debut? Or does his "personal project" still have something to say about erotica and disclosure? Hear the unrated truth when you Donate for Gold Level!

Parenthood - Donation Bonus

Funnyman Steve Martin stars as a yuppie trying to hold his dysfunctional family together in director Ron Howard’s bittersweet Parenthood - another breakout hit from the Summer of 1989.  Join Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart as they debate the biggest screw-up in the all-star cast: drag-racing doofus Keanu Reeves, sneaky Joaquin (née Leaf) Phoenix, sexually frustrated Dianne Wiest, or gambling addict Tom Hulce? And do the podcasters get more out of this emotional roller coaster now that they’re 30 years older? Donate for Gold and Find Out!

When Harry Met Sally… - Donation Bonus

Movie audiences everywhere were falling in love with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan in the Summer of 1989 with the release of When Harry Met Sally... Director Rob Reiner and screenwriter Nora Ephron follow the decade-long courtship of two New York singles in the hopes of answering an age-old question about whether men and women can get past the sexual tension and forge deep, platonic friendships. Find out if Arnie, Jakob, and Stuart swoon over this landmark romantic comedy when you Donate at the Gold Level.  

Do the Right Thing - Donation Bonus

Spike Lee broke down barriers for black filmmakers in Hollywood when his third film Do The Right Thing became a surprise box office success in the Summer of 1989. Does his funny and fiery look at racial tension in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood still divide audiences over the appropriate use of a garbage can? And how long did customers have to wait for a pizza delivery in the days before DoorDash? Hear "Love" and "Hate" duke it out over the airwaves when you fight the power with Jakob, Stuart, and Arnie this Spring. Donate Now!

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - Donation Bonus

Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob continue their look back at the greatest summer movie season of all time with a podcast review of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.  Tim Burton’s Batman might’ve seemed like the only film opening on June 23, 1989, but Disney’s family film about miniaturized suburbanites trekking through a treacherous jungle of a backyard was not to be overlooked!  Find out how this Rick Moranis invention saved the Mouse House, and if good things come in small packages, when you become a Spring 2019 Gold Level Donor. 

Dead Poets Society - Donation Bonus

Stuart, Arnie, and Jakob want to take you back to the Summer of 1989 - one of the greatest movie-going eras of their lives! The retrospective of the most groundbreaking films of that time kicks off with a podcast review of beloved coming-of-age drama Dead Poets Society. Do the lessons of unconventional prep school teacher Robin Williams still have value 30 years later? And will Ethan Hawke and Robert Sean Leonard earn high marks on their first major test in acting? Find out when you Seize The Day, and become a Spring 2019 Gold Level Donor!

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