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The Hunger Games - Donation Bonus

November 6, 2015

The Hunger Games novels topped the New York Times best seller lists and went on to become Amazon's all-time top selling book series (outselling even Harry Potter). 

Jennifer Lawrence was an acclaimed Oscar-nominated actress gaining mainstream attention after her role in X-Men: First Class.
When those two came together, with Lawrence playing lead character Katniss in the Hunger Games movie series, the result was a worldwide phenomenon.  The first three films alone grossed over $2 billion worldwide. 
Now the fourth and final Hunger Games film is set to be released, and leading up to Mockingjay Part 2 Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob are watching and reviewing all the Hunger Games movies.  
Did the original movie The Hunger Games do the book justice? And how is it not just a young adult series? Donate to Now Playing to help keep the podcast going into next year, and you can listen and find out!


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